What to expect on Week 1?

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What to expect on Week 1?

The first week of the ‘Tide Diet can be challenging as your body adjusts to changes in diet, exercise, and the GLP-1 Medications. You may experience nausea and loss of appetite due to the GLP-1 medication you are taking. You might also feel food anhedonia in which the foods you loved before are not something you are looking forward to. Dislike to certain foods like carb-rich and sugary food and beverage are normal when taking any GLP-1 Medications.

The ‘Tide diet meal and eating plan will help you with the side effects you will encounter while doing any medications. It will also help you have a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet to keep your body strong and nourished.

Additionally, you may experience some initial weight loss due to water weight loss, but it’s important to remember that sustainable weight loss is a gradual process. The first week of a weight loss program typically involves setting goals, planning meals, and beginning an exercise routine and mindset program.

Having a positive mindset and staying motivated during the first week and throughout the program is important. Celebrate small victories, and keep going even if progress initially seems slow. Remember that sustainable weight loss is a journey, and it’s important to focus on creating healthy habits that can be maintained long-term.

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